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Deb helped with my back when no one else could. She helped me find a way to do my knee & shoulder therapy in a way that protects my back as well. She has just been such a blessing and I am so grateful I found her and the who staff. I love you guys!



Everyone was a great help and very encouraging. I have handled a lot of pain over the last 15 years. Resolving and managing my other issues only went so far and the the pain kept increasing. I had almost decided I would have to quit work. I now have HOPE and some valuable knowledge for dealing with the problems.


I've tried it all: chiropractors, steriod injections, acupuncture, yoga and physical therapy. I've always received some relief, but it never lasted. Debra's techniques are unique. They work and they last. Six months ago, before seeing Debra, I had resigned myself to continued degeneration and eventual surgery. Now I feel like I have turned back the clock 10 years.


Debra has helped me greatly in the past. And for these sessions, I have already noticed alot of improvement in only three sessions. I'm truly grateful for Debra's help!



I began using FPT in hopes of preventing spine surgery. However, excellent training did not resolve my problems. Post surgery, I returned to FPT knowing Debbie, Russann and Andrea would give me the best guidance and needed encouragement to a complete recovery. Without fail, they are professional, insightful, supportive and always uplifting. I would not have reached my state of wellness without them and wholeheartedly recommend FPT to others.



My legs were giving out from under me, requiring the use of a walker at night. Walking, sitting and standing were all painful. I did not sleep well and I was limping horribly. I had given up hope of ever being normal again!

In only a few weeks, I no longer needed the walker. Within 3 months I was no longer limping. Debra gave me back my hope!

FPT has allowed me to resume a fairly normal life, even though I have serious physical back issues.

My life is now better because of FPT and I can't imagine life without them!



I've had chronic neck and back problems for many years and seen a variety of doctors and physical therapists. Debbie is by far the best. Not only did she help alleviate the pain, but she also taught me personalized exercises and lifestyle management techniques to strengthen my neck and back. Without Debbie's help I probably would have been looking at surgery in 3-5 years.

The office staff are also a cut above any other physical therapy office I've visited. They are qualified, friendly and attentive to each person's need. And I've never had to wait more than 5-10 minutes for my appointment.

I give Fundamental Physical Therapy five stars!



I was sent to Fundamental Physical Therapy by my Urologist.  I had never been to a physical therapist and I was very skeptical that they could help me.  When I arrived at Fundamental PT, I was in very bad shape and in a great deal of pain.  Debbie immediately diagnosed my problem and started me on a therapy program.  Within a very short period of time I was remarkably better.  I am no longer a skeptic and as far as I am concerned Debbie Clark is a miracle worker.  Thanks Debbie.

I have had a problem with hip pain and bursitis for several years.  In the four weeks I have been taking physical therapy at Fundamental my pain has been greatly reduced.  By doing exercises to strengthen and increase proper use of my muscles, I am learning better posture and weight distribution that has helped me in several areas of concern. Each week, when given a new exercise, I am excited to see the results, because I KNOW there will be some; it's amazing the confidence this gives me!  Thank you Debra and Andrea for your genuine care! 


I went to Debbie because I didn't want to take a lot of pain medication, and I sure didn't want surgery. Ove the years, debbie has worked miracles. When I was told only jaw surgery would help me, Debbie "fixed" me. Same for back surgery and thumb surgery. Debbie, don't retire! I need you! Grateful doesn't begin to describe how I feel.


The girls and Debbie are always so helpful and willing to work with me. I always feel so much better when they get my session over.

Thanks a bunch!


In just a few short visits I have major improvement in the way I feel with all the arthritis conditions I have. I am grateful for FPT!!


All of you have been great! You have helped my friend so much. I appreciate all of you! If I ever need a Physical Therapist I will call you first and recommend all my friends.


The exercises are strenuous and difficult to remember so many. But for the first time in almost 40 years I am now able to sit back comfortably and drive in a "normal" position. I have so many disabilities and medical problems, but this alone gives me strength to keep trying. Thank you!


I'm walking longer and better. The dogs love it!


When Debbie estimated time to recovery at approximately one year or longer, I was very disappointed. However, Debbie and her team were, and are, completely supportive, empathetic, and are the best cheerleaders in health care for my chronic condition. It's been 13 months now and I'm almost there. They, along with my doctor, have been like a lifeline to me. Thank you!


Making me aware of how weak I'd become on my left side and showing me how to balance the use of "both" sides of my body has made a huge difference, and I have become so much stronger from that awareness!


Outstanding therapy for knee replacements - others have been too aggressive! Debbie treats the whole body - not just the one area.


Since intestinal surgery in 2007, I suffered severe intestinal problems that my doctors didn't know how to address. I began to suspect adhesions, and learned that FPT treats them. After only a couple of treatments at FPT I began to feel relief, and now a few months later, I no longer have seizure-like attacks, sleep much more comfortably, and digest my food better. I'm very encourage, and want to spread the word that there is hope for people with adhesions! The knowledge and SKILLFUL service of the therapists at FPT is impressive, and the facility and staff are especially pleasant.


Paxson and I were introduced to Fundamental Physical Therapy by doctor prescribed therapy. We made great progress (we are both 88 years old!). Then we chose to continue with a personal trainer in their gym. Our exercises are designed to meet our special needs. I have been working on strengthening my left hip and knee muscles. I can now support my weight on that leg as good as my right one. Russann, our personal trainer, makes sure we do the exercises correctly and gives us plenty of reinforcement. We look forward to our session.

Opal & Paxson

The suggestion / testimony card is not large enough to contain all of the word that can be used to describe Fundamental PT and the excellent care and service that I received as a patient at the facility. Everybody is so kind and considerate, the facility is neat and clean, even the wall decor with the positive messages is encouraging! I went in at the recommendation of my rheumatologist; in pain, not confortable sitting or standing for very long; I can now move more easily and have so much less pain and stiffness in my hip - it is amazing. I felt the change immediately after my first appointment. Thanks to Debra Clark and staff for your amazing talent and skills; it is greatly appreciated.


What a wonderful place! I came here in horrible pain and am now leaving feeling like a new person! Thanks to all the great help here.

Karen Q

I continue to have great benefits form the therapy I received at the hands of the wonderful staff! My final results were always complete and I have been 100% satisfied! I recommend Fundamental to as many people as I can.


Best knowledge of body pain. Best Emotional Intelligence skills with patients. Best loving kindness with empathy - after 30 years of dealing with PT interventions for RA and Musculoskeletal pain.


Kathy & her team of techs saved me! It is great to be operational again. They took great care of me and I felt blessed at every appointment. FPT's care (especially Kathy) helped me heal emotionally as well. I can't thank her enough.


Great Help! Great Staff! Great Inspiration!


I have been to several other PT facilities and Debra Clark is the only one I have visited that helps my issues.


After my first visit I had a better understanding on how I can impact my urges. My impulses began to change that day.


The staff at Fundamental PT not only cared about my physical health; but also spiritual and mental. They were great teachers and encouragers. All of my physical needs were addressed and I feel cured by the exercise.


1) I can now "feel" my body & make adjustments as needed

2) Urinary incontinence resolved. I have my life back!! Thank you.

3) I am using learned techniques to teach my patients.


I originally came here to strengthen the pelvic floor to avoid getting up to go to the bathroom in the night and in doing so was able to fix my back so I didn't have to visit the chiropractor which I had been doing every month since 2000. For me the results were two-fold.


This therapy and information has resolved several health issues and helped me better manage a couple of others. Everyone should know this information! I would head off the problems at the pass or prevent them entirely.

Thank you Dr. Debra Clark!



From a grateful patient to an outstanding care team. My posture and walking are slowly improving. In my opinion, I'm markedly improved.


Was so glad to hear about Kegels. I wish someone had told me sooner. There should be some way the Doctors could tell their patients. It is not difficult to practice the Kegels.


Before I came to FPT I was in so much pain; walking with a limp, feeling tired, leaky bladder. Today 6-7 months later, I feel like a new woman. Debra & her staff are so nice, friendly and have taught me so much. I now get in my car differently, pick up things differently, sit better, walk better. I have the knowledge of exercises now to help me.

Thank you so much!!!


Kathy & Debbie got me prepared for hip surgery. I had no idea how helpful it would be. My rehab would not have been as easy if not for them.


Waited intentionally for a month past my January 2018 release from my therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction to give this review. Dr. Clark, her assistants and office staff are professional and friendly and I highly recommend FPT. I am again confident of noembarrassing accidents at work or in public places. In addition to substantial improvement with incontinence, Dr. Clark diagnosed the causes of my left side low back pain. Because of her therapy and exercises I do at home, I haven't felt this good in years!


You guys are ah-mazing!

So blessed by your gifts and training! You have made a huge difference in me!

Kaitlyn is the bomb!!


This has been such a learning experience. Susan was awesome each time we met coming in. Jamie has been so helpful and really, really puts a patient at ease!

Dr. Clark - I have so much respect for what she does. What do people do that don't know about what she does? Thank you! Thank you!...To everyone.


I am thrilled to have received treatment here. I feel so much better! Less pain, more relaxed, and I believe we have avoided two surgeries.


I am deeply grateful to Dr. Clark & her wonderful staff. I was almost totally unable to sit because of a pelvic floor problem and now I am sitting & doing so much better. Her kindness & patience in working with me over these months is deeply appreciated. God bless all of you for your prayers and help!


Thank you for delivering me from years of pain & discomfort. Your staff is professional & friendly. I have collected a folder full of exercises to keep me in shape. God led me to you and I want to thank Him and Dr. Clark.

The therapy really helped. I don't have to go the bathroom as often. I can hold the urine longer if I can't get right to the bathroom. I don't have to wear a pad everytime I go out. Over all feel much better now that everything is more under control. Thanks so much!

Kirsten is an awesome and thorough PT! Pelvic health is a very sensitive subject and at times hard to discuss, however Kirsten made it very comfortable. I am now pain-free and have more confidence in myself. Kirsten helped me in so many areas of my life! Thank you!



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