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Fundamental Physical Therapy provides high quality neuromuscular orthopedic physical therapy with a specialty in men’s and women's health, including pelvic pain and incontinence treatment.

Our Mission to You

To provide high-quality physical therapy services to the state in a way that establishes our clinic as a center of excellence and a model of how to treat clients. 

  • To treat the patient as a whole person and not just a diagnosis.
  • To educate the patients to understand some of the underlying causes of their problem and how they can help themselves.
  • To help patients leave the clinic feeling better than they did when they came in for treatment.
  • To help as many people as possible so they can help others.
  • To provide a positive working environment where all staff members can learn, grow, and prosper.
  • To emphasize continuing education of the entire staff.
  • To foster more trained therapists to meet these specialty needs.  

Our desire is to provide orthopedic physical therapy and men’s / women's health physical therapy in a professional environment. Services may include manual therapy, neuromuscular rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise for pelvis, spine, shoulder, knee, hip and ankle recovery and rehabilitation, emphasizing postural awareness, diaphragmatic breathing and functional activities. A variety of modalities will be available including heat, cold, ultrasound, laser, biofeedback, and exercise equipment. Often, use of these techniques will enable the patient to avoid or postpone more expensive and risky surgical procedures or recover more fully after accidents and/or surgery. Improved function is also possible with severe debilitation diseases.

Physical Therapy consists of the professional services provided by and under the direction of a licensed Physical Therapist. It involves a thorough rehabilitation program with an emphasis on fitness, education and prevention. Hands-on attention is given to reduce pain and normalize function, while individualized programs are carefully designed for each patient, both in the clinic and at home. 

Our staff is dedicated to providing the optimum in physical therapy care, specializing in movement analysis of strength, balance, range of motion, coordination, endurance, posture, function and skilled diagnosis of the musculoskeletal system to achieve specific rehabilitation goals and objectives. Our ongoing commitment to learning enables us to deliver the most up-to-date functional treatment to all our clients and patients.

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